Vij’s Railway Express hits the streets

Happy Rainy Thursday,

I was able to find time to get to Vij’s new food truck in Vancouver(one of Vancouver’s newest food trucks) today. Raining so no lines right ?
I am sure that you know that I am sarcastically setting you up. There was a line and a very long rainy line it was……



First I can say with great confidence that the foods and delectable treats on the Railway Express have Chef Vikram’s touch and come from his soul.
As I try any new food truck or restaurant I like to ask “if I could only have 1 meal what you you recommend?”
I had this chance today to ask Chef Vikram himself. What did he recommend you ask? He asked what I had for breakfast and then proudly said that it would all be good but he recommended the kabobs and a Chai to warm me back up.


I would be remiss in leaving out that Chef Vij, Jason from Gourmet Syndicate and the Railway Express crew all helped in making us feel that they understood that we were willing and excitedly waiting standing in the rain to save our spot to ensure a new wow and delectable lunch. Chef Vikram handed out some potato treats and welcomed and thank everyone in line for waiting…. Others passed out umbrellas and naan bread….


For my first official experience all I can say is great job Railway Express and Chef Vikram. Your humble but caring approach and flavors that did wow my taste buds are sure please many foodie hunters in the months to come and beyond.
Did I mention the Chai…. Oh the chai. I need another one now!

Good luck in the coming days…. Foodies, you must try this wonderful comfort food with south Asian spices and flavors from the soul.
Lastly I want to tell you what truly will keep this new Food truck popular and of interest going forward. The name Railway Express has a purpose and a meaning to Chef Vikram and the Gourmet Syndicate…. Think of a trip through India through the different train stations and towns. As in many countries the food specialties and flavors change slightly with the region.

As the Railway Express moves to the next stop so will the flavors and style to reflect the new stop. I am told in this wonderful culinary journey that so will some of the dishes on the truck except for some special favorites.
Be sure to get outside rain or shine and try a culinary cornucopia journey that our city now offers throughout the city.
Please also send me any feed back that you may have on this new wonderful food truck or any food question or issues that you want to share.


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