Vancouver Street food- Street food scene evolving

Vancouver Food trucks amaze
The wonderful evolution of the “street food” industry in Vancouver (actually in many points across North America) is blooming into what looks to be a new culinary wonderment. I truly equate it to a

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory effect.

On any given day rain or shine, hungry food seekers roam the streets around the little pockets of Vancouver looking for their next culinary “wow”
Watching the faces, smiles and laughter in people’s reactions to the different / funny name of a truck or unique menu item and further the smile and nodding heads after their first bite of a new culinary delight!

Where else would you see people willing to wait in line in the rain (granted raining days are sometimes slower, don’t be fooled thinking that “there won’t be any line on a rainy day!”). Further more as I stand in any given food truck line listening to the discussion of how they are past their “lunch” break but that it’s worth it!

What I find refreshing in the approach that the food truck masters are understanding is that they realize that they need to be unique, great tasting with wow flavors and provide reasons to get their their hopeful target foodies hooked and looking to continue to kick up their lunch times to new heights without going to a sit down restaurant. The flavors and taste worlds that the street food trucks are reaching out of a cart or truck is beyond words and pleasing many tummies across cultural backgrounds.

A great adder is that most of these delectable flavor providers on wheels are close to many downtown businesses, retail outlets or office towers.
What do they need to do to stay popular and grow their business?

My thoughts are some simple but important: targets of hooking, wowing, keeping and perpetuating their business reputation through “word of mouth”, blogs, tweets and if ultimately lucky, TV by way of the popular show “Eat Street” or of of the like.
Key reasons we go to or go back to food trucks/carts?:

* Wow tastes and flavors (tastes that pop in your mouth, quality that wows the masses)
* unique fusion or different foods (try not to be “me to”, what can I provide that they can’t make at home or haven’t tried before but want again)
* reasonable prices (there is a fine balance)
* great genuine personalities (smiles, recognize and celebrate your regulars, visitors, tourists, know your food and flavors)
* good communication (Vancouver Street food appVancouver Street food app.Eat Street App Eats street app, twitter, Facebook)
* Differentiate yourself, (unique products, gluten free offerings, vegetarian, organic, hand-crafted, oceanwise, farm to plate, hormone free, cultural diversity)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one key thing that I know will make the food trucks continue to push for success as a group is their unique relationships with each other. They support and recommend each other as well as support each other in anything they may be need. They have recognized that it is better that they are all within a stones throw of each others location. This brings selection and spreads the “piece of pie” so to speak amongst the throngs of people looking for their next “yum” lunch.
With twitter etc…. Available on most handheld devices you have a built in extra marketing tool that if you pleased your foodie customer they will proudly shout out loud to their twitter world. The real thing about twitter and the other apps is that most people now have a tool that can help them find the food cart/truck, user review your offering and post pictures of your delectable dishes. For my Food truck friends: The double edge sword can cut both ways so make sure you always work to understand what makes the smiles and wow eyes when your customers eat your wonderful offerings.
For the foodie looking for your next oh my goodness flavor wow, use these tools to search out if your favorite truck happens to be off the street for another event or a well deserved day off or if they have moved today for some reason. Look at the reviews but please look at all of them! A poor review may only be a personal preference and not a true reflection of what quality and wow items are offered. If the overwhelming reviews are thumbs up, it’s likely worth a try and a pleasing bite or ten will ensue.

I don’t believe in anyway that food trucks will replace our traditional restaurants (which Vancouver has MANY awesome offerings across cultural boundaries or fusion between them or of course your traditional offerings) but rather that it offers a change from your bag lunch and offers us the ability to expand our pallets and be healthier if we want. I believe that most of the food trucks/carts have put countless hours, days, months and possibly years of thought, research and thoughtful caring about what they will offer and are vitally aware that consumers have choices and will dare to step out of their box of what they know but also will vote with their feet and wallets.

At the end of the day I truly think that Vancouver/ BC is just starting to realize what a food and beverage cornucopia we have in our world and is realizing what a unique opportunity we have to taste foods from around the world or food made by creative chefs and foodie minds…..let’s enjoy this ride and shout out about it! Let’s keep asking for Wow flavors and unique new offerings that make our tastebuds sing out loud.
Let’s celebrate the creative truck/cart names and offerings and dare to eat better and healthier.

I would love to hear your take on this posting and what you think of our new world of food trucks/street food/food carts.
I know the food trucks want your feed back, suggestions and thoughts………. Share your take, request your flavors, tell them what you want or what you don’t like.
We do all work hard for our “dollar” and should have our business earned and so far from what I see the street food world is doing their best to welcome us to their world.
Please check out the food truck apps and search out your next lunch….. In the meantime I just wanted to share a few of the unique trucks and wow flavors I have seen or tried so far (many more reviews to come so if I missed a food truck on this blog posting stay tuned for more to come)
Some unique trucks/carts I have seen:






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