Another great meal at Q4 al Centro

Q4 Al Centro never seems to disappoint . Another great meal was had by all!
Spaghetti Q4 for me, a true delight with the right amount of kick. Spaghetti with ground chicken, olive oil with pepperincino and black beans. Topped with some fresh parm! This dish has the true balance of flavors that continues to tickle the taste buds and make you want another bite! My true favorite.

Radichio bocconcini with proccuito and in a red wine vinegar reduction.

Galletto for my wife , Cornish hen with lemon olive oil and some delectable simple but wow flavor seasoning served on a creamy bed of polenta.
This dish warms the heart and soul and you can tell as I always say if it comes from the heart and soul, it will touch your heart and soul… The best attributes of simple but delectable foods from Italians.

Served with a nice wine and finished with a beautiful espresso.
Albert and the wonderful staff at Q4 always treat us well and welcome us back!

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