That perfect cup of coffee at home

Good morning Foodies and lovers of food and sipping alike!
Ahhh nothing better than the perfect cup of coffee on that Saturday morning (any day really) when you happen to wake up before the rest!

On my hunt to find that perfect smelling and tasting sip at home….. I ended up here……

Nespresso Citiz machine


This sleek machine fits on almost any counter and the slick Aerocciono (milk frother) is a perfect adder that can be put out of the way anytime. (basically you plug the Aerocciono in and choose cappuccino or latte whisk tool and froth away by pushing the button while you are brewing your coffee…. If you push to see the button go red, you are making a frothed warm milk. If you push and hold the button till it is blue, you are frothing cold milk!)

Nespresso has developed an exclusive capsule for its coffee, made of hermetically-sealed aluminium. These capsules contain exactly the right amount of coffee for a cup. The internal pressure of the capsule preserves the 900 or so aromas and flavours of the freshly ground coffee for twelve months, until it is finally tasted. The Nespresso capsule provides you with a wide range of options for preparing and tasting your coffee. You can choose different ways of enjoying your coffee depending on whether you prefer a small or a larger cup (Espresso or Lungo). You can choose from twelve varieties of coffee to suit your mood or time of day, or prepare coffee-based recipes of your choice, such as a cappuccino or latte. All this with just one capsule…

The “Crema” that comes from every capsule is the magic of why the taste and aroma of this coffee ROCKS.
Once the machine is primed (basically warmed up) you can pull shot after shot one after the other with no delay. The pressure in all of the Nepresso machines is exactly the same so really the only choice for which machine to get is up to your needs or like of the look!


The cost…. The pucks range from approx .50-.65 cents per puck. Yes, slightly more expensive than ground coffee in bulk BUT you will notice the repeat quality, Crema and unbelievable flavor and aroma and did i mention convenience? which justifies the slightly higher cost. That said you will brew quickly a cup to remember and (sorry mainstream cafe’s but it is less expensive than yours).
No one can replace the experience of going to their favorite cafe with friends but know that this is a nice option for days like this (Saturday or any day) when you just want to stay at home and relax while having the perfect cup.
Last word for today on this wonderful machine…… The price of the Nespresso machine are far lower than many other brands….the value you get out of the perfect pressure for the perfect cup,of java…. Truly great value.

Enjoy your coffee and let me know if you have any questions at all….. I enjoy any and all feedback!

Ahhh look at the Crema on top! No milk in there…simply the Crema from the puck


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