Discover and be adventurous

Happy Wed, you have heard me say food from the heart and the soul is the magic for flavors to warm smiles and wow reviews of your culinary creations!

Where to go to buy the perfect quality ingredients for the perfect meal.

Easy answer.. If you haven’t tried this delectable spot yet…. What are you waiting for?!
You must try Bosa Foods for all things good!
While you are there ask for an education on the wall of Olive oils and then take time to explore each isle and do try something new and work some different wow flavors into your recipes.

The staff is always there to answer all questions and are qualified to teach you about “which one?”. The one thing you will notice, the selection is over the top in a good way.
When you finish looking at all there is to see… Time for a snack or a coffee! Head to the coffee/panini bar and try a grilled panini with your favorite coffee….

If you are lucky on the right day you may see signs for a cooking event or any food suppliers to Bosa showing their products…..
This is a store that really has to be seen and experienced to take it all in.
Go today and get you taste buds warmed up!
Let me know your thoughts and feedback.


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