A special Gem of a store

Happy Monday,

Back with one more delectable shopping experience. Another must try shopping experience for the taste buds….
The Gourmet Warehouse!
gourmet warehouse

Set enough time aside to wander the magical aisles of specialty and quality ingredients for no matter what dish you are planning.
You can literally plan your special meal or desert and find everything (utensils and pans etc….) and all ingredients of the best quality to make that next “Wow” dish.
Caren McSherry and her team have created a world of YUM full of everything you need to cook, create and present any dish in your arsenal. If you want they also post Gourmet Warehouse recipes lovingly made by Caren herself or friends and chef friends that Caren works with.
Cooking lessons? Yes they do! Check out their website for the regular postings of events to come.

Caren just put on the first “Cacao Barry Callebaut 2012 Chocolate challenge” that was a booming success for many reasons…. See below a copy of Rob Feenies blog on the wonderful and caring event.
Rob Feenie
Last week I had the honour of being a judge at the 1st Annual Gourmet Warehouse, Cacao Barry and Callebaut Chocolate Challenge 2012 put on by my good friend Caren McSherry and hosted by Jill Krop of Global TV – who is such fun. I along with my co-judges, Thomas Haas and Greg Hook, had the privilege of tasting some truly wonderful desserts. It was a spectacular evening and in the end, Lauren Arsenault took the grand prize with her delicious Chocolate Rooibos Mousse with Orange Marmalade and Cookie Crumb. Check out some of the pictures from this great event which raised funds for the Strathcona Community Centre Back-Pack Program, which helps provide nutritious food for children and their families and bridge the weekend gaps when school food programs are not running. Giving back to the community is a big commitment for Cactus Club Cafe and something I feel privileged to support.

I can’t say enough great things about this store…. Look for the pizza shells for a quick and quality option for a snack along with any of their wonderful sauce options.
Then head over to the baking section and look for the best chocolate or cocoa for your baking…..
Really I can’t even write everything that you could discover….
What these stores are teaching us? Dot be afraid to step out of your cooking comfort zone….. Try new flavors, experiment with new ingredients and enjoy what the culinary world has to share.
One bonus that you may find while you are exploring… Many chefs from the countless great restaurants in town may be scouring the same shelves as you as they count on some of the great things that Carens store is known to bring in.

Have fun and please let me know your thoughts!



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